Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Down with the Sickness….


CMI = Cannot Make It… Most of my friends say that to me… It has been a very long time passed before I climb out of my coffin to update this BLOG. Oh well… hello over there can someone tell me how am I suppose to start my BLOG??...If you know… can u send to my address: BLK666 graveyard cemetery…? I will be there waiting for U….whoa…

Recently News:
Hum…I been too emotional towards everything. Not only my family but also towards my friends. I really don’t know how to express myself. It seems like everything just doesn’t get right and everything seems to block my way. Why? (Don’t ask me because I also don’t know dude!!) “Yuk…Hey U…Yes U…come and helps me to wipe my coffin. It full of spider webs and moths….Eee…eee”. Oyo, now I am in holiday, and I am rotting in my coffin, nothing to do at home, lead me to dream and hum…thinks more (sleep ma…what u thinks…).

Old News:
The (3 on 3) BIG Game 2005 (14 – 16 March)
Oh man, did u ever see someone crawling up so early from the coffin… u right that is me…”sobs…sobs”. Here I am, early in the morning 630am, playing basketball alone in the damn eerie court in RP. “Hey…no one say vampire can’t scare of ghost one lor….course I am one of them.”

Today is the beginning of the basketball (3 on 3) big game. And I bet it is going to be a fun one. But what I always hope to expect always turn the other ways round.

Hot. Damn Hot. I have been sun tanning for the 3 days and finally down with the sickness and got countless red spots here and there all around my back, down with fever and patch with flu. I felt extreme terrible and itchy and do hope…”Ouch stop it….u stupid servant…Chiang-shih (kiang shi)…U enough okay…I ask u to help me to rub some medication…not asking u to poke me…can u kindly bend your hands and fingers….”

Generally, the little guys’ team is quite funny; they are young, cute in their ways as well as energetic and there are also a lot of very pro basketball players. I bet that if our basketball guys compare with them, they (our side) will definitely lose. “Got any handsome (YAN DAO), asked Pontianak”. “O (“-‘)|||…@##$%%....Hello they all small kids la…u this pervert….why u want me to use violent and made me used my chair and wrecked u on your pretty face as well as kick your cute little ass?...Don’t you know I am a very kind, cute and peace person?” “Where I stop…every time kana interrupt…so sick”

However it has come to the end whereby everyone returns to their original belonging. And “yawns”, I am back to my lovely coffin…wooing… so comfortable. Zzzzz….

Older News:
Working In IT Show 2005 in SUNTEC CITY(10 – 13March)
This is the very first time I work in the IT show. From the moment I stepped in the IT entrance hall, the grand atmosphere make me felt excited and have no regret though I have to stand the whole day from 11am to 9pm. However what worst behind is that I am requiring selling IPAQ (pocket PC/ PDA) which I have never even used it before. (So what to do…I have to take all the brochures and try to memorize all the functions as well as the specifications.) WO…first day taste like hell, with the customers keeps on asking here and that, I almost faint on the spot. “Hey…doesn’t U see I am typing?? Stop pulling me DUDE… If u urge to get someone and suck his or her blood go ahead…ha-ha…Sorry there, I am talking to my new beloved pet (BAT), he is hungry…or would u mind if I introduce u to him???”

I did met and make new friends in the work place. But I don’t think it turn up to be a happy one. Well, I know there is doubt in it, but I just don’t know how to say in words… All I can say is the other new 3 guys communicates fine with me. “Oh…hehe…because u old already, got generation gap, said my beloved pet (Bat)”, “#$%$#@$^&%&, well Sorry again, i just used my new racket and hit my bat... and now where are we oh....”

So after the whole 4 days, I did gains more knowledge and skills about the different types of PDA. Yah, of course I am very delightful when it comes to the last day of working… I am damn so tired by then and some more, I haven’t had a time to taste a slip of my juicy, icy blood (<) *v* (>), “opps”...

Oldest News:
IVP Ending
Yes, it have come to the end of IVP and I have a feeling of calling all my troops; Obayifo, Civateto, Dhampir, Lamia/ lamiai etc to attack my very own team mates (I mean some…). The whole game is sucks not because we lose but because we been demoralizing each other on the court by blaming each other and showing attitude which is no allowed in the court. Well, sad to said, I am totally surrendered to my own basketball team. Although we have best player like Michelle and nana, the bond is not there… everyone bond is not there. There is numerous of turnover without any reason, passing problem as well as team spirit problem. I hope ping is down on the court and not on the bench (course she injure her knee and is the serious one).
“No…no, u wrong…because u are lousy…and that is why…., interrupt by the priest”. “Well…well…shut up…don’t think u are a priest I don’t dare to suck your blood… later I break your head, crack your skull and squeeze your brain into juice and drink it in front of u”
“Oyo…Amen, let the god protect me, priest adding”
“God, your head, taste my shoes and socks…Don’t you run…come back here You ASS HOLE”
“Oh I am indeed a very kind, cute and peace person only that some time my brain wires connected wrongly…oh well I have some own business to do… so bye…bye…my BLOG, Come back You this sucker (priest)…”

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
It seems so near But Yet so FAR…

Yesterday was the first IVP 2005 match against last year first championship runner up SP. I neither feel scare nor nervous, maybe because I am calm enough to keep myself COOL or maybe because of some of my “beloved” team mate(s). Whatever…I just don’t feel anything, all I need to do is to defend them down and trying to use my butt to keep their ass of from the semi circle.

First quarter looks cool as the score for both sides is SP (7): RP (7). I am excited and happy as this tells me that RP basketball is not bad after all. However sad to say that, happy thing doesn’t last long. Due to don’t know what incident, in 2nd quarter, everyone except me started to blame each other for nothing and end up everyone angry with their very own team mates for no reason. Therefore SP uses this chances and snatch the wins (“God, cannot make it, why my team become like this?”).

Perhaps because my team started to panic, there are a lot of turnover and easy pass to oppose team. I don’t really know what have had happened; it seems that that is no trust between and among each other. Who and what the hell is that your very own team mate tell you not to shoot the ball when you are open and you have the chance to score. What a team…if that team player is really damn good, why is she still shooting air balls? And the end, SP(42): RP(14).

Well, yesterday I am quite happy with myself as the coach did not scold me and also that I have the stamina to survive for almost 4 quarter. The main happiness is that I am not tired at all, maybe because I had went for swimming the other days in order to train up my stamina. Although it is a waste that Pingz are not able to play and fight with me in the court but I still have other 5566 as well as Fs.

So gal, lets try our best again in the coming 2nd day IVP. I know that we can do it.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

don't MESS with the PIG Posted by Hello

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cloud1 Posted by Hello

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cloud Posted by Hello

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Chinese New Year…

Awww…. So tired….
I hardly sleep for the previous days before Chinese New Year as I need to paint my house with white color. Every morning and day makes no different for me because all I do is painting here and there.

Well, actually I have neither mood nor happiness for Chinese New Year. I felt rather weird to smile fakery to those stupid relative who always back stab my dad. They look so idiot and fake. But what to do, I still have to wish them happy New Year due to my “dad’s face”

The whole Chinese New Year Day makes no different from the rest of the days. Woke up, bath, bless my parent, then go out. Hai… can I have something different instead? Now I miss training, however I will not satisfy if there ones that will not come (always have some invalid reason what for join basketball?).

It has been a long time since I last update my Blog. The reason lies behind: not because I am lazy, but is that I don’t know where to start. I have a lot of hurt and sadness for the basketball team (Clarify, those who always not coming for training and always talk rocks). They don’t seem to have any interest and keen in basketball anymore. Why a team always like that. Whenever I tried to grade something I like, there will always be something stopping me from doing it. I am tired, very tired. How I wish , I hope to have more training to train up my skill with others, but no point of doing it myself and a few of my buddy in the team, All F3 plus 5566. How I wish I can grab a chair and throw it at those player and shout at them fu*k up, but I can’t. I have no position, no stand of doing it as the one who is in the higher rank also doing the same thing. Sadness for the team; for those who struggle so hard for nothing.
Ah… I don’t want to talk about basketball already; it makes me sick and moody.

Happy Chinese New Year to all F3, 5566 and my friends. Hope you all get many “hong bao” during the Chinese New Year. Sadness wills always over, there will be a new day in font and there will be new hope for the starting of a new day.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004
A losing Game end Up with a SARCASTIC SHIT STUPID SUCK comment!!!

...:::Game against with Gnets:::...

Dear all,

Just want to share with you my thoughts after yesterday’s match against GNET.

Gals – Should minimize number of turnovers.

1) I thought none of you are the great Magic Johnson but what I saw yesterday were numerous “no look passes”… You pass the ball without really looking at who you are passing to…and being unaware of these passes, you manage to earn yourself a turnover. Its like giving away your possession.

2) Then for no reasons, all of you turn to become Larry Bird….Well truth enough to learn from these big names in the NBA but none of you are making these 3 points shot! Just to name a few who shot 3 pointers yesterday: Manping, Nana, Anna, Lifang, Hazel…if that was not enough…perhaps at one point when all 5 players were on the court, all were shooting 3 points shot!!!! Cant penetrate the defense??? Well…just pass the ball more….draw your opponent out….

There can only be 3 reasons why you are shooting 3 pointers: 1) You are a damm good 3 point shooter 2) You are a damm good 3 point shooter 3) You are a damm good 3 point shooter….If its not clear enough…Can players who are not good at shooting 3 pointers please stop shooting 3 pointers???

3) As I was watching from the sidelines….I thought “Could this be a repeat of last year’s IVP?” Only you can tell me the answer!!!

My promise to the team…If we can manage to win a match in the IVP… I will be seriously considering our next tour to be in Taiwan…so earn it!!!

Summary on yesterday's match
Benjamin Seow

My thoughts: What the hell? I have no reason to persuade myself why he says that? Does he’s brain think that shooting 3 points shot is as easy as “chicken feet”? Why not he goes down and plays all by himself? I always try to remember what coach has taught me: whenever you are open, tried your best to shoot and if you are not able to score but at least you try to attempt.

We did lose to Gnet and I admit that this is a fact but who wants to lose if we can win? In the court, there are only 3 ways to play: one to penetrate, one to shoot and the other to pass the ball.
- Penetrating --- no confident enough – result steal by others
- Shooting --- 50% goal and score, 50%attempt -lucky in , not lucky try again
- Passing --- if over 8 sec on half court or over 24 sec on full court – result the ball goes to the opposes

Can players who are not good at shooting 3 pointers please stop shooting 3 pointers???
Then all don't shoot better, who can confirm that her 3 pointers shooting is 100%?
Because of lack of confident in penetrating, most of us try to attempt the shot and hope it make into the basket. However luck doesn’t go our way.

We have tried our best to attend training and improve our individuals skills so that we are prepared for the coming IVP on Feb. But..but...in his eyes ..we are playing just like the same as previous year. All our effort have drained. No matter how hard we try, we train, we injure for the stupid matches...all ending result equal to useless.... Damn Disapoointed and Demoralizing... If he really thinks that we are not able to make for the IVP, well..well not just cancel it. We are in the basketball team not because we are able to go here and there (Taiwan), but we just like basketball so we in as we keen on it

Same goes with that stupid Referee (plz don't ask that same referee to be there again). We dribble the ball and they foul, no free throw was given to us but on the other hand, the opposes have alot of free throw. Can someone explain to me why? This is not the frist time he be our referee and not the first time he gives oppose alot of free throw...Bias not fair....

I am not so keen on going any where and ending again scolding by him for been late, rubblish game, attitude etc.... .. So please don't give me your ass face...I rather stay in Singapore and enjoy my life...

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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Friendly match against Unity Secondary…

After those previous matches against ISBL, I am able to see improvement from my basketball team. Well although the attendant for the training is not satisfied, the bond in the team has had increase since the KL trip.

Well done to all of you including Man ping and Michelle (who are willing to join us back after a short break of one year.) Hah…. I am as happy to the team as we have proven to the coach that we are not that lousy after all. 48: 29, the very first time that RP actually get 40++ score. Well done again and keep the good work.

I assumed that if we continue our training and improve the coordination in the team, I think we can snatch one win in the coming IVP on February. (So let’s hope that the rest of the team player is able to come for the training and not giving excuses for something: P)

And this is the first time I felt our basketball advisor Ben has had actually praise us for what we are = basketball players + a Unite team.

I have to reserve my greatest praise to the girls for beating the Unity team by 18 points, it is by far the biggest lead for the gals team and I think by playing in the ISIBL has certainly make us stronger both mentally and physically. Although there is still room for more improvements, I am sure you gals have come a long way to reach where you are today. So keep it up and continue training hard. Good work!
Good Job!
Benjamin Seow

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entire team Posted by Hello

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Guys & oppos Guys Posted by Hello

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hostel Posted by Hello

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bus Posted by Hello

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lavender Posted by Hello

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MRT station Posted by Hello

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Summary for the KL Trip (Date of KL: 26 Nov – 28 Nov)

Well, I am wonder why I have not updated the newest Blog since the last one. Hum… the reason are there are indeed a lot of things I wanted to write but don’t know where to start?

I am excited that I am going to KL for basketball exposure as well as to gain experience over there. It is a memory that I want to keep it as long as I live.

Friday Night 26 Nov

We parted at lavender Street after a long waiting for all the floors ball players to arrive. I am quite piss off as why should the basketball players need to wait for the floors ball players to arrived then we are allowed to leave, don’t they know anything about punctuality? And because of them, we all get scolded for “being late”. (What the…..)
Sad to say that our coach didn’t come with us… he just come and say good luck, good bye and enjoy your trip. (Dearest coach, how can you just leave us all alone…. :p)

Oh man, the bus journey to KL is not comfortable, neither do the seat and physical. Throughout the whole journey my ass either numbs or my legs can’t stretch, what a horrible experience.

For the long journey, only the small little window is the entertainment in the bus. At 2 ++ am, we finally reached the destination (our hostel). Wow all of us damn tired and hardly want to speak.

27 Nov (Saturday)
It seems to be fine but it is not. There is some unpleasant thing going on during that day.

Suppose that we have to meet 7 30 am to have our breakfast but we are 5 minutes late and end up early in the morning get scolding for our basketball advisor ( what a starting of a day…)

7 30am – we have our breakfast (which well you know that is it “very” nice in the taste)

8 15am (around) – we headed off to Bukit Jalil Sports School for our friendly match. At first we are suppose to have 2 matches: one for the gals another for the guys. However due to the oppose gals player are not around, only the boys got to play the match. And all of us act as part time cheerleaders for them, giving our moral support… Though they lost, they have done a good job for both defense and attack.

After their match,
Most of the gals’ team players want and keen to play too. Therefore we decided to play 6 vs. 6. Maybe the court is too big or what I am not able to hear what our basketball advisor wants us to do. Therefore after the game within ourselves, he called us to gather around and guess what next… “Sob” “sobs” yah you are right getting scolding again in the same day for nothing. But what he said I will always remember “what rubbish game you all are playing”. (Shit what and what … I am very frustrated and angry… we trained so hard, travel so far to KL and end up in his eye what we played is a rubbish game…is that really what he thinks for the basketball gals team?) I agree what he said had demoralize me a lot and I felt quite dishearten both in basketball and him. In his age, he still acts as a kid. Suddenly I felt like tell him this: If you want to mess up with me, I will mess up with you.

Dinner time,

For the beginning, we are given 5 hours to shop and buy our stuff, however after our short break after calming ourselves down, the Malaysia national team coach told us that he is going and willing to arrange us a match at 8 pm tonight. Because we come here to gains experience, we all agree to gave up the 5 hrs shopping time and get ourselves ready for the match (self training again). Jasper (coaches for primary and secondary school), he is good as he knows what wrong with our shooting and steps with a blink on the eyes. With him around, he teaches us and show us the correct way of shooting, the angle, as well as how much strength we should use to shoot the ball in the basket. Thank to him, I did learnt a lot.

We went out to dinner at the nearest shopping centre. Chicken rice is what we eat. Because there is not enough time for us to shop around, we decide to eat as fast as we could and do some shopping at the CARREFOUR. Woo… we buy quite a lot of stuff, food as well as chew gum (that’s what I came for….hah). And running around when we realize that we are lost, lost in the shopping centre, can you believe it? Four people lost in shopping centre and running like hell.

Jasper volunteer to drove us to the shopping centre and I found that he is much better than our basketball advisor who used to demoralize me in either my mass or my size (hai…not fair)

Well back to the Bukit Jalil Sports School, we prepared ourselves for the final last training. I am so tired, can’t believe that within a day we actually trained 3 times and have match after all. 95: 14, we lost to the national players although they are much younger than us. Adding with Jasper encouragement, he build up our confidence and increase our motivation a lot a lot. That was an incredible experience when cheering for our own friends and team players.

So damn tired, I hardly wanted to move, I just want to throw myself into the bed and sleep till I nature awake. However with enthuse of the rest of the team players; we played the unforgettable game “secret number”… and I have to dance she’s bang because I am so “lucky” to guess the correct number.

3 30am light off. Time for Bed.

28 Nov (Last day)

6am – as I woke up, there is a loud knock on the door. I am the first one to wake up so I when to check what’s happened. Oh it Hazel, without the second thought, she blame me for locking her out of the room for whole night. What?

Breakfast – nah we did eat as we going to be again the supporter for the guys’ team who against BJ eagles (a combine and strong team). Well, their performance is not very good as there is no unity and cooperation between them. Most like to act as stand alone and not passing the ball to those who is open, so strange. Ha-ha. BJ eagles number 12 (if I am not wrong) I like that style… Woo~….

Next right after them, we decided to have a friendly match with Jasper and the rest four other members. But something bad will still happened, hazel just walk off during the match and give everyone attitude. 20: 10 (I think) we lost again as everyone is not happy either.
Now we left only a few hours before departed from the hostel and set off back to Singapore. Oh man, again, the floor balls players are late again and delayed our precious time to go to the same shopping centre for our lunch. Damn them, don’t know what the hell they are doing?

When the bus arrives at the shopping centre, ha- ha we rush like hell towards the same Chicken rice stall again. $ 100++ buck we spent on the chicken rice (wow first time eat chicken rice so expensive). And same old thing we went to CARREFOUR to buy more stuff that we want. Moreover I bought 2 necklaces and one bangle (for my elder sister).

During the bus journey again, everyone seems to doze off and there goes Ben taking picture of those who sleep. After that we play the “secret number” again. Oh no no, I want to sleep, I don’t want to play, but no ones support me so almost very gals are playing. The game is fun but I am so “lucky” again that I actually guess the correct number again. (I should buy 4D) and have to Sebastian forehead (so embarrassed). (Maybe he did like it but I also feel not good too…but here have to say sorry to drag you down in the game)

Lastly to close ending, we reached the Singapore terminal and got caught for smuggling bubble gem. Lucky the police officer lets me go, or else how can I still sit down here typing and updating my Blog.

After all it is a memory and experiences. Thank all for making this trips a wonderful one.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

ISBL LOGO Posted by Hello

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Many Times a day……..

I don’t know how to start on my BLOG as it been too long never updated. Now where should I start, I still ponder…

19 Nov Div 1 Semi Final UWC 48 def RP 8

Friday, the last match with UWC, the last Semi Final but the first time they score 40 points above us. It is a tough game or I admit is that we still don’t have that skills and coordination in order to trash them, however from the games for all ISBL, this school is the one whom the players have both sportsmanship and team spirit. I am angry, yes very angry in this match that I smile throughout the match, because there is someone who return and been “turnover” a lot of time whenever she got the ball. Yah…I am also lack of skills but I did tried my best to block as many opposes as well as getting the rebound. Hah…this is the worse game we had played, 40 points we lose. Everyone in the team was sad and disheartened. But I believe that we will snatch back our win if we train together and fight as a team and face the next challenge IVP.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004
The Older I am… The More I Treasure Friendships….

La… Last Friday, I had a wonderful surprise. This is the first time that I receive blessing from my basketball friends for my birthday which held at last Sunday. I am as touched as this is also my first time receiving two roses. One from the hand of Nana (best scorer as well as player in the team), another one from Willy (friendly guy player also our gals’ team buddy).

That day is just as usual, a very stressful day because I need to do the solution practically. I really feel busy that I wanted to tell Ming , can I don’t go for the basketball meeting as I scared I did not have enough time to finish the task I suppose to do. However, Fang, Nana and Ming keep on persuade me to go and I felt weird, very weird, as I don’t understand what basketball meeting Fang held that needs to be so rush? Without a second moment, I surrender and agree that I will be there in 5 minutes time.

Climbing the stairs is always so tired; I met Ming on the way going to container 9. Yah right she is the one coming down to “fetch” me because I am always the latest among all. Remember that I kept asking her why so rush and she just say don’t know. I felt quite eager to go off because my task is not finish but I have to know what is going on, on the meeting.

Oh man so touched, when that time Ming open the door, I am shocked and don’t know what to say or even how to express my feeling on spot. Nearly all the basketball player were standing there holding the cake, just there singing “Happy Birthday Song” to me. I don’t know what happened, that time my mind just went blank. So all I do was to smile delightedly and I forget what I said…. Even Ping (the busy person of all came down and celebrate with me) and Ming (the one buy me all these surprises).

Well, here THANKS to all my basketball friends as well as my beloved Ming, Nana, Ping, and Fang and so on… With the additional sudden surprise given by Willy, I felt that I am very fortunate to have them as my friends. Although the birthday celebration doesn’t last long, I feel very happy, the happiest time in my life. For what they have done to me, I will treasure this friendship and hope it will last till the end. Hah… now I have promoted to an “Aunty”, I am old already.

My wishes are “hope that we will win once in IVP as well as friendship forever”.

Ha-ha… When that time I take the roses to my lab, the whole class thought that it was given by my boyfriend but I just tell them “No Lah” (smiling happily as I am delightful). Making Things Look fishy... :)

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